Channel X Global Follows Blue Ocean Strategy Principles Perfectly

Channel X Global follows Blue Ocean strategy principles perfectly…

Channel X Global’s “Blue Ocean” is high-quality, local comedy tailored for every Emerging Market economy.

This will attract young and middle class consumers who want to see stories that reflect their culture and zeitgeist. Not same old Hollywood and Korean dramas.

No one else is even in the high-quality local comedy space. Currently is no competition. And writing and developing comedy has a high Barrier to Entry – a problem CXG has cracked using a 5 Pillar Blueprint we outline in our White Paper.

CXG has developed a model – using Blockchain tech like Smart Contracts and a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation – to dramatically lower costs.

We are also creating new jobs and opportunities for young talent in Emerging Markets and incentivizing them by offering them a stake holding in the CXG project.

Something no media company has done before in Emerging Markets.

Blue Oceans are where you want to swim in the content market in 2018.

CXG has created a way to turn every Emerging Market into a content “Blue Ocean.”

Read our White Paper : Channel X Global – The Billion Dollar TV Revolution Powered by the Blockchain




∙ Authored by Quilliam Potter
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