How Simple Rules Create Complex Organisms

The Channel X Global model completely tears up the rulebook of how TV content is currently made (as we’ve discussed).

We will remove central authority and place the trust of producing quality content 100% in the hands of our mentors and Emerging market talent.

An important part of the ability to quickly create HQ, localized youth content for VoD companies, is by introducing a new level of trust never before seen in the TV production process.

As world-reknown Bitcoin expert, Andreas Antonopoulos, says:

“Decentralized systems are usually the way nature organises things. In nature, you don’t see hierarchical systems very much, what happens is decentralized systems create emergent and complex behaviour based on simple rules repeated by thousand of members.

“For example, a Leaf Cutter Ant is an organism so simple as an individual, a computer scientist can duplicate its behaviour using a mathematical model.

“ But together as a colony, leaf-cutter ants exhibit incredibly complex behaviour such as building bridges and farm aphids (a completely different species).”

leaf cutter ant, building bridge, quill potter, singapore

Chess is another good example. Each piece can only move in one simple way…yet there an infinite number of chess moves. Some people estimate there are more variations possible in chess than there are atoms in the Universe.

We believe these two examples are a solid argument to removing the need for oversight from superfluous managers.

If you don’t trust talent to do the best job, they why are you even using them in the first place?

My experience of running Fight Comic [BLOG POST] proved that talent – if given mentoring and confidence – can create amazing work on their own.

Talent just need some  simple rules to follow. Like Leaf Cutter Ants, amazingly complex systems can arise when you have a few simple rules set in place.

They provide a framework in which talent can create sitcoms or dramas without oversight from management and trust that they will have the pride in themselves and their work, to produce the best possible content they can..

The only oversight that they will get will be from mentors in First World countries who have enormous experience in the craft of the genre or sub genre they’re working in.

We believe that from a few simple rules, brand new exciting HQ youth TV shows will evolve in each Emerging Markets, in ways that are impossible to predict.

Our guidelines would look something like this;


Rule # 1: No religion. Ever.

Rule # 2: Stick to budgets.  Use ingenuity to solve budget problems, not extra money.

Rule # 3: Write something you would like to see, the chances are, you’re not alone.

Rule # 4: Character = Choices.

Rule # 5: Write scenes that are memorable. Push boundaries. Create Social Media share moments.

Rule # 6: Leave your ego at the door. Learn to accept constructive criticism (all criticism must be given with a suggestion to how to improve not just ”that was crap”. Instead, it should be ; “That didn’t work because X and here’s what you could try next time!”

Rule #7: The audience is smarter than you give them credit for. Don’t patronise them

Rule # 8: The public don’t know what they want, forge new paths and show them stuff they’ve never seen before

Rule # 9: Know the rules before you break the rules.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the exact Content Creation Rules – we will work with experience mentors to finalise them.




∙ Authored by Quilliam Potter
∙ For TV Consultancy Work or General Enquiries about Channel X Global, email